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COVID-19 Update

Dear Residents and families:

We are writing to provide you additional updates regarding COVID-19, or Coronavirus, and our continued preventive actions. We are diligently working with the Chelan/Douglas Health Department, Confluence Health, and the Washington Department of Health to ensure we are taking all the appropriate steps.

There are currently active cases amongst residents and all impacted families have been notified. Staff have also tested positive and are instructed to strictly adhere to CDC guidelines. All staff are tested bi-weekly per county positivity rates and all staff are screened upon entering the facility, utilize extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) including face shields, face masks, gloves, gowns and are routinely assessed for competency regarding hand hygiene and proper donning and doffing procedures.

We wanted to take this opportunity to address technical difficulties when calling the facility. We upgraded our phone system in October and implemented a similar cordless system found in acute settings such as Central Washington Hospital. Unfortunately, the application did not suit the needs of staff, residents, and families so we will be reconfiguring the setup to better serve our community. The intended result will be better availability of staff and residents when a call is placed into the facility. We appreciate your patience with this matter and are urgently working with our local phone company regarding implementation.

We also wanted to remind you of the ideal hours when calling the facility are Monday-Friday during normal business hours, for updates on the status of your loved ones. Mealtimes are also busy times for both residents and staff and the times are listed below for reference:

  • 7:45-8:45am Breakfast

  • 11:45-12:45am Lunch

  • 4:45-5:45pm Dinner

We need your help in battling COVID-19. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to learn how you can help prevent the spread in our community.

We know that you may have questions and we encourage you to contact our center at the number below:



Paul Foltz - Administrator

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