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COVID-19 Update

Dear Staff:

We are writing to provide you additional updates regarding COVID-19, or Coronavirus, and our continued preventive actions.

We currently have five (5) residents who will coming off precautions on December 24, 2020 and following their precautions removal, we will have no active cases in the facility. December has proved to be an incredibly challenging month with multiple residents and staff members testing positive for COVID-19. We have worked around the clock with Chelan/Douglas Health Department, Confluence Health, and the Washington Department of Health to ensure we were taking all the appropriate steps and we continue to remain hyper vigilant. We greatly appreciate all the support, outreach, words of encouragement, food, and generous donations from the community during our time of need. Our success is largely due to the collective team effort and we are grateful for the outpouring of assistance.

It is also with great excitement that we present the following update. We have partnered with Walgreens Pharmacy to coordinate a facility-wide COVID-19 Vaccination. The vaccine will be made available to all residents and staff at no charge and will be strongly encouraged. We have enclosed the following documents:

· Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) Informed Consent

· VAR Instructions

· COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Information

We will need the completed VAR Consent forms for all staff/residents electing to receive the vaccine by January 4, 2021 or sooner. A team from Walgreens will be administering the first dose on the following date: January 5, 2020

Please review all the enclosed information and advise with any questions. A few tips for completing the VAR are below:

· SECTION A-2 Please sign and date the document (day of document completion)

· SECTION B-1 Leave blank

· SECTION B-2 Please sign and date the document (day of document completion)

· SECTION C Complete Insurance information as instructed. If insurance information is unavailable, please list patients’ driver’s license number, ID card number, or social security number. Please note: Insurance will NOT be billed; information is for record keeping only.

· SECTION D-F Leave blank

Completed VAR’s can be mailed to 817 Pioneer Ave, Cashmere, WA 98815, faxed to 509-782-4221 or emailed to

Thank you for all your help and happy holidays!

Best Regards,

Paul Foltz – Administrator

P: 509-782-1251

Walgreens COVID-19 LTCF VAR
Download PDF • 238KB

Download PDF • 1.17MB

Vaccinination Authorization Record Instr
Download • 997KB

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